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Nephew of the elected governer of Chihuahua is murdered

The nephew of César Duarte Jaquez, elected governor of Chihuahua, was murdered during an attempted kidnapping. Wednesday afternoon, unknown aggressors shot Mario Humberto Medina Vela in the back as he attempted to escape from the gunmen. Both uncle and nephew are believed to have had a close relationship.

The kidnappers entered the shop Mario Humberto’s father works at and asked for the owner. Soon after, the struggle ensued that ended with Mario being shot when attempting to escape. Security cameras placed in the shop recorded the scene as it unfolded. Investigators are currently reviewing the recordings for any possible leads that may lead to the arrest of those responsible.

Just one week earlier, César Duarte had a meeting with Mexican president Felipe Calderon to discuss new ways of making Chihuahua safe by providing more security.


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