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Municipal police accused of working with Los Zetas in the case of ten Guanajuato natives that went missing last week

12/14/10 – Of the ten Guanajuato natives that disappeared last week in Zacatecas, two have resurfaced. According to the testimony of one of them, the other eight individuals were tortured, shot, and then burnt “because they were hunting […] without permission.” Antonio, who witnessed the events and managed to escape despite a bullet wound to the leg, told prosecutors that they were detained by a group of municipal police officers that tied, beat and tortured them. He also alleged that the police officers proceeded to transport the group of ten to an unknown destination, turning them over to an armed commando.

According to the online news source Milenio, the Zacatecas Attorney General (Procurador General de Justicia de Zacateca), Arturo Nahle García, told the news agency that the director of the Joaquín Amaro Municipal Police (Policía Municipal) and three other agents confessed to having detained the ten hunters and handing them over to the criminal group “Los Zetas”. He also noted that the Mexican Army (Ejército Mexicano) detained six individuals who were riding in a truck belonging to one of the victims and that one of them confessed to working for “Los Zetas,” who had ordered him to get rid of the vehicle.

The other surviving victim is a fifteen-year-old boy who was taken to the bus station, given 200 pesos, and released.  The Attorney General is now asking both victims to collaborate by returning to Zacatecas in order to identify the municipal police officers and “Zeta” members already detained. Authorities have yet to find the eight hunters that remain missing.



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