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Movement Against the Drug War Emerges in Mexico

March for Peace flyer. (Photo Credit: Global Voices)

05/05/11— Poet Javier Sicilia has organized another march against the violence in Mexico that has arisen from the crackdown on organized crime groups in Mexico since President Felipe Calderón took office in 2006. The march, set to take place from May 5 until May 9 and stretching from Cuernavaca to Mexico City, is aimed at encouraging authorities to sign a peace agreement and essentially end the war on drugs. It is also to remember the people who have died as a cause of the drug violence within Mexico and to honor these people in front of the government in Mexico.

The protest was announced on April 13 during another protest that Sicilia had organized to demand justice for the killing of his son and 6 of his friends. The 7 bodies were found stuffed in a trunk of a car in the state of Morelos in late March.  The Zapatista Army of the National Liberation (EZLN) has also confirmed that they will join Sicilia and others in the silent march in San Cristobal de las Casas. Prensa Latina estimates that the march is supported by over 150 civil organizations. During the 5 day period, there will also be  smaller protests in over 38 cities in Mexico, and over 26 countries worldwide to create awareness of the violence in Mexico.

In an attempt to regain the support of the Mexican people towards the drug war, President Calderón issued a series of statements on the night before the protest. According to BBC News, he stated that there “was no option to withdraw from the fight against the drug cartels.” He also noted that the public support of the drug war is essential to its success.


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