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Missing police officers found dismembered

During the early hours of Monday in Acapulco and the capital of Guerrero, Chilpancingo, four people were executed, including a regional commander and a police officer, whose bodies were found dismembered in bags with narco-messages.

At exactly 3:15 am, at the entrance to the State Ministerial Police building, eight plastic bags were found containing the body parts of Commander Prédix Luna Simón and police officer Cristobal Luna García, both of whom were kidnapped last Saturday. Their bodies were cut at all limbs and placed in two big bags and six small bags. According to information by the Secretariat of Public Security and Civil Protection (Secretaría de Seguridad Pública y Protección Ciudadana), the eight bags contained the heads, arms, chest and legs of both the regional commander and the police officer.

Earlier that day, at 01:30 am in Acapulco, a 006 emergency phone call was made reporting two dismembered bodies in font of a house on El Túnez Avenue and Miguel Hidalgo Street. The bodies were found in several black bags with a message. They were identified as Milton and Jairo Cisneros.


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