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Michoacán’s Secretary of Public Security makes her first public appearance after last months attempt on her life

The secretary of Public Security in Michoacán, Minerva Bautista Gomez, made her first pubic appearance today after an attempt on her life was made last month. In a press conference she left clear that she had never received any threats. She recounted the fifteen minutes of gunfire she lived while heading towards the city of Morelia after leaving the installations of the Michoacán Fair Expo. According to official information a commando had fired more than 2, 700 high-powered rifle gunshots at her and ten grenades, three of which did not detonate.

“All this has been difficult for me, understanding the why of the attempt … since I was never the object of threats that could have alerted me of a situation like that”, she said.

Gomez, who was fully recovered from her injuries, thanked the citizens of Michoacán for showing her their solidarity and confirmed her continued work with the dependency and commitment to strengthen and renew strategies for public security. She also expressed her sadness regarding the civilian lives lost that day and those of her bodyguards that protected her every moment of the attack.

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