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Mexico leads the world in Marijuana seizures

The 2010 World Drug Report issued by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime reported that Mexico has the highest seizures of marijuana in the world with 25% of all seizures worldwide, equivalent to more then 1,657 tons in 2008 alone. Following Mexico is the U.S with 22% of all seizures and Bolivia with 17%. Mexico, according to the report, is also the world’s third largest producer of opiates with a volume of 325 tons in 2008. However, seizures have also increased from 2,998 tons in 1988 to 6,587 tons in 2008.

The report, which was issued yesterday, placed Mexico in the 11th slot out of 24 nations where cocaine is secured with close to 3% of the total (19.33 tons) in 2008. The global volume of cocaine seized is 700 tons. The report notes that, “cocaine use in the united states has been declining for some time. The decline has been particularly pronounced since 2006, likely due to pressure on supply related to law enforcement interventions in Colombia and Mexico.”According to La Jornada this signals that the war on drugs initiated by Felipe Calderón’s government has benefited the U.S.In 1988 the market value of cocaine in the U.S reached $144,000,000,000 and since then has declined to $35,000,000,000 in 2008.

The UN also included a section on the relationship between drugs and an ungovernable state such as that being seen in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala and points out that the war on drugs in Mexico was a necessary step in combating an ungovernable state and rooting out corruption.The report also states, “Much has been made of drug-related violence in Mexico, but murder rates are considerably lower and the Government is far stronger in Mexico.”

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