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Mexico City chief of police resigns

Police chief mexico city
Mexico City Police Chief Jesús Rodríguez Almeida. Photo: Animal Político.

12/12/14 (written by sramírez) — Mexico City Police Chief Jesús Rodríguez Almeida resigned on Friday, December 5 on his two-year anniversary as the Chief of Mexico City’s Public Security (Seguridad Pública del Distro Federal, SPDF), having served since 2012. Although not giving a formal reason for his resignation, it is believed that pressure and criticisms about ongoing police brutality towards protestors of the Ayoztinapa crisis inflamed by the disappearance and killing of 43 students influenced his decision to step down.

The most controversial protest occurred in the Zócalo in Mexico City on November 20 during which 11 people were taken into custody and placed in high detention facilities, only to be released soon after for lack of evidence. However, what really put Police Chief Rodríguez in the spotlight was his reaction towards the incident, as he continued to praise his “personnel for the work they have demonstrated, for their great bravery, gallantry, responsibility, and above all for their reestablishment of public order, whether you like it or not,” quotes Animal Político. Other polemic quotes by Rodríguez include a comment made in late November where he proclaimed that in Mexico City, “We have the best police in all of Latin America.”

Rodríguez’s letter of resignation was handed to Miguel Ángel Mancera, the Chief of Government in Mexico City, and was to be delivered to President Enrique Peña Nieto. Mancera stated, “In the next days, observing the legal dispositions, I will make a proposal [for a new chief of SPDF] to the President, following the corresponding procedures.” Peña Nieto must then ratify and approve the appointment.

Rodríguez entered the position as police chief with multiple degrees and experience, including a master’s degree in Criminal Science, and a doctorate degree in law with a specialization in Criminal Legal Science. He previously had served as the director of Intelligence of Investigations in the Agency of State Security (Agencia de Seguridad Estatal, ASE) in the State of Mexico (Estado de México, Edomex), and as the director of Kidnappings and Theft in the Federal Preventive Police (Secuestros y Robo de la Policía Federal Preventiva), among a handful of other police and leadership positions.


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