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Mexico City airport postal workers suspected of stealing packages

The Mexican Federal Attorney General’s office is investigating the disappearance of more than 4,000 letters and packages of mail that were sent to Mexico from abroad over the past six months, a total that adds up to about 24 missing pieces per month. The investigation is centering on the offices of the Mexican postal service in the Mexico City airport. The majority of the missing packages included portable computers and other hand-held communication devices such as iPods. Mexican authorities suspect that the pieces are being stolen by employees of the Mexican postal services. The investigation has led to the firing of approximately 70 inspectors and employees of the office in recent months. Five administrators have also been interviewed regarding the case. A total of 4,330 pieces of mail have been reported missing, including several that were intended to reach Mexican President Felipe Calderón.


Source is AgenciaReforma. “Descruben mafia dentro de Correos de Mexico.” Diario la Estrella September 7, 2009

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