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Mexico Celebrates National Police Day

06/04/11 – On June 2, 2011, President Calderón gave a speech to commemorate police officers for  their strenuous and demanding work on National Police Day.  Calderón called upon police officers to aid in restoring the sense of trustworthiness that Mexican citizens have in police forces.  The strong presence of organized crime has caused many Mexican citizens to associate police with “abuse, arbitrary action, and corruption.”  He also strongly encouraged students at universities to consider careers in public service, more specifically becoming police officers.  He emphasized how vital the youth throughout the nation are since they are the ones who will “bring about needed change” in Mexico.  They are essential in creating a Mexico that is “peaceful and serves justice.”

Various government officials were present at the event, including the Secretary of the Navy, Mariano Francisco Sáynez, Attorney General  Marisela Morales and head of Public Safety, Genaro García Luna.  The governors of many states including Mario López Valdés of Sinaloa, Rodrigo Medina of Nuevo León, Egidio Torre of Tamaulipas,  Andrés Granier of Tabasco, José Calzada of Querétaro, and Ivonne Ortega of Yucatán also attended.


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