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Mexican military searches the streets of Ciudad Juárez following the recent car bombing

The Mexican military combed the streets of Ciudad Juárez in search of weapons, drugs, and bombs. The operation, dubbed Operación Barrido (Operation Sweep), was led by at least 250 soldiers who were assisted by the federal agents and trained dogs. This operation comes after the recent car bombing that occurred in the city five days ago as retaliation for the capture of a leader in the Línea cartel, Jesús Armando “el 35” Acosta Guerrero.

The search area was from the corner of 16 de September and Bolivia (where the car bomb had occurred) to the street of David Herrera Jordán; and from 5 de Mayo ave to Constitución.

The soldiers searched everything they came in contact with. At the center of the search zone, extensive vehicle searches were done. Homes, parked cars, and shops were also searched. The Secretary of National Defense (la Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional) made no statements on whether or not the operation yielded results; however, local homeowners commented that no findings were made.


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