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Mexican Authorities Detain “El Brad Pitt”

"El Brad Pitt" detained by Mexican authorites. (Photo credit: Milenio)

06/17/11— Mexican authorites announced  that they have detained Marco Antonio Guzmán Zúñiga, alias “El Brad Pitt,” identified as one of the leaders of the La Línea organization, which is an alleged branch of the Juárez Cartel. Gúzman Zúñiga, an ex-policeman, was arrested on Wednesday along with Octavio Rodríguez Lugo and José Dolores Ordaz Seañez in a police operation in the city of Chihuahua, Chihuahua. “El Brad Pitt” is accused of being behind the car bombing that took place in front of the Federal Police Station in Ciudad Juárez on July 15, 2010, that left 12 injured. He is also suspected of having connections to the murder of several police officers. Ramón Eduardo Pequeño García, the head of the Drug Enforcement Division of the Federal Police, indicated that Gúzman Zúñiga was additionally responsible for acquiring explosive material that was seized by federal authorities on April 25 of this year in Ciudad Juárez. “El Brad Pitt” is known for his specialization in crimes including vehicle theft, and killing of both members of rival cartels and police who refused to cooperate with La Línea.

Before becoming “El Brad Pitt,” Gúzman Zúñiga worked for the municipal police. According to the chief of police, he was also in charge of leading the Center for Social Rehabilitation in the city of Chihuahua during his time with the force.


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