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Mexican Army Discovers an Underground Drug Lab in Sinaloa

An inside look of the underground drug lab found in Sinaloa. (Photo credit: Univisión)

06/28/11— The Mexican Ministry of Defense (Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional, Sedena) stated today that the Mexican army discovered a drug lab in Sinaloa used to prepare methamphetamine and fully equipped with two underground levels, a metal structure, an elevator, and a ventilation system. On Sunday June 26, soldiers patrolling the area found the lab “hidden in the bushes.” One level consisted of a room and a kitchen, while the bottom floor was a two-room cellar that stored organic synthesis reactors.

According to El Universal, following the discovery, “soldiers seized 260 kilos of methamphetamine, 180 liters of liquid methamphetamine, 145 liters of acetic anhydride, 610 liters of alcohol, 330 liters of toluene, 360 kilos of sodium rayon, 300 kilos of tartaric acid, 450 kilos of caustic soda, and 20 kilos of mercury chloride.” El Universal also reported that “six organic synthesis reactors with different storage capacities, five metal condensers, six tanks of gas, eleven burners, a metal press, a scale, and other synthetic drug manufacturing equipment” were also taken from the laboratory.

Sedena did not mention who the facilities belonged to, but some reports note that the Sinaloa cartel may be connected.


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