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Members of Cartel Del Norte detained

Federal police agents detained four members of the Cartel del Norte, a Colombian cartel, in Mexico City today. In a press conference at the command center of Iztapalapa, Ramón Eduardo Pequeño, a federal police chief, reported that agents confiscated two million eight-hundred thousand U.S. dollars while the detainees tried to deposit the money, saying they were engaged in operations with funds of illicit origin. He noted that their form of operating consisted of transferring large quantities of money, product of the sale and purchase of cocaine, in compact vehicles that they interchanged in various commercial malls.

He identified the thirty-six year old Mexican National from Mexico City, Jose Luis Lopez, as the head of the gang and the financial operator of the Cartel de Norte, as well as the one responsible for depositing large quantities of foreign currency into the financial markets. Accompanying him were thirty-eight year old Colombian national Milciades Baez López and Ricardo Ricardo Casasola Chávez, a Mexican national. They were detained in the neighborhood of Escandon.

Pequeño sustained that the band operated from the DF and used various vehicles, switching drivers and leaving the cars parked in commercial malls in order to move from one place to the next with the money. They were carrying a handgun with several cartridges and 11 communications devices.


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