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Mechanics accuse vehicle department of charging “commissions”

A state vehicle inspection department is accused of charging mechanic shop owners “commissions” in the state of Mexico as a condition for work in repairing government vehicles, according to El Universal.

In order to be considered for the repairs, the mechanic shop owners allege that they are required to pay a monthly fee that is distributed among several top officials in the agency.  Shops that refuse to participate in the system, or that delay in paying the agency, are removed from the list of preferred mechanics and substituted by other mechanic shops, according to several mechanics who spoke to the newspaper on condition of anonymity.

The mechanics alleged that the exact amount is decided by the chief of the Department of Vehicle Controls, which is a part of the state attorney general’s office. The mechanics allege that the fees and schedules for payment are tightly regulated by certain key officials in the department. Though they have brought up their concerns to an internal affairs unit, they allege that nothing has been done about the situation even though the commission system is financially hurting a number of mechanic shops.

From the Justice in Mexico Project’s August Monthly News Report:


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