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Mayor of Monterrey denies negotiating for the release of two kidnapped city officials

Following the release of two city officials from Monterrey, Nuevo León, mayor Fernando Larrazabal Bretón denied that any negotiations had taken place for their safe return.

Enrique Barrios Rodríguez, head of the Ministry of Roads and Traffic of Monterrey (titular de la Secretaría de Vialidad y Tránsito de Monterrey) was kidnapped from his home on May 31. Reynaldo Ramos Alvarado, Chief Operating Officer (Director Operativo), had also been taken that same night.

Mayor Bretón stated that all talks and information exchange regarding the kidnappings were directed to the State Attorney General’s Office (Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado) who created their own investigation. Bretón further emphasized, “… we have never been in contact with anyone [kidnappers]… they were simply liberated.”

It is unclear as to when, if at all, both Rodríguez and Alvadaro will continue their work. Mayor Bretón mentioned that they will be given the time needed to be with their families and to recuperate from any psychological or physical trauma they may have experienced throughout the ordeal.


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