Justice in Mexico

Mayor-elect, Antonio Jiménez Baños, assassinated

FOTO: E-Consulta

10/12/10 –  Antonio Jiménez Baños, the mayor-elect of the Mártires de Tacubaya municipality, Oaxaca, was assassinated this past Saturday. According to preliminary reports by authorities, Jiménez was on his way home when he was shot in the head and chest by an individual who had been waiting for him. Jiménez was a professor of high-school education and would have taken office the 1st of January, 2011. Several days before, Manuel Benítez Manzanares, Oaxaca’s representative-elect for Mexico’s Congress of Deputies, was kidnapped by three armed men who forced him into their vehicle. The authorities ceased the search for Benítez after a petition by family members.



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