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Man is Shot Dead Outside of A Burger King in Las Fuentes

02/14/11 – A man who was traveling in a white Camry was shot to death in the parking lot of a Burger King in the city of Las Fuentes.  According to reports made by the Municipal Police of Zapopan, the incident happened today around 1:50PM.  Witnesses have stated that the driver and another individual who was sitting in the passenger’s side were attempting to get out of their vehicle when two men surrounded them and began shooting.  The driver died instantly while the passenger was immediately taken to Cruz Verdes Las Águilas where he remains in critical condition.  Both victims appear to be in their early to mid thirties.  Municipal Medical Services also reported that a minor, who happened to be eating inside Burger King at the time of the incident, was also injured.  Multiple bullets shattered the fast food restaurant’s windows, causing large pieces of shattered glass to hurt the young girl.  The motive of the attack still remains unknown and is currently under investigation.


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