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Los Zetas Allegedly Responsible for Casino Attack

Five members from Los Zetas are presented by authorities after their arrest for their alleged involvement in the Casino Royale attack. Credit:

08/31/11 – Nuevo León’s governor Rodrigo Medina announced the arrest of five individuals believed to be perpetrators of last week’s Casino Royale’s attack in the state capital of Monterrey. Reports indicate that they are alleged members of the criminal group Los Zetas. Authorities traced handprints from the scene, gathered eyewitness testimonies, and used video footage from the casino to help track down the suspects. In their defense, the five men stated they “only wanted to give them [the casino owners] a scare,” and that they did not intend to kill anyone. After announcing their arrests, however, Governor Medina added that “Nobody will wash their hands” of this situation, alluding to the the authorities’ determination to ensure that all, including possible complicit officials and casino owners, will face justice for the attack.

Medina also mentioned, according to El Universal, that some of the suspects have also been involved in a number of reported kidnappings. Authorities are searching for two other suspects from the attack, as the detainees have given information regarding their supposed involvement and assistance. To read more about what happened last Thursday, click here.

According to El Universal, Mexico’s Senate has urged authorities to provide “immediate supervision” for casinos nationwide. Congressmen have also demanded that officials “pursue, detain, and sanction the criminals, and work in a coordinated manner to guarantee peace and security to all Mexicans.”


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