Justice in Mexico

Leader of Los Zetas in Monterrey was captured

08/30/10 – Juan Francisco Zapata Gallegos, whose aliases are “el Billy” and “el Pelón” and was the leader of the organized crime group Los Zetas in the municipality of Monterrey, was captured this past Friday afternoon after an anonymous tip led a military patrol to his location. When captured, Gallegos attempted to pass off as another person despite being easily identifiable by his physical characteristics. Gallegos confessed to having participated in various acts of crime and violence including the attack against military troops near the Institute of Technology and Higher Education of Monterrey (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey—ITESM).

Gallegos succeeded the brothers and previous leaders of Los Zetas in Monterrey Héctor Raúl “el Tory” Luna Luna and Esteban “el Chachis” Luna Luna. Héctor Raúl was captured on June 8th following a gunfight at his residence; Esteban Luna was taken into custody nearly a month later on July 7th. Following Héctor Raúl’s capture, members of Los Zetas retaliated by creating “narco-roadblocks” throughout the city; Gallegos is reported to have participated in these actions as well.


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