Justice in Mexico

Justice in Mexico receives grant for public security study in Tijuana

The Justice in Mexico Project received a grant from the Open Society Foundation to develop a study of police in the city of Tijuana. Tijuana will be the third police department to be analyzed by the study after the Metropolitan Zone of Guadalajara (2009) and Ciudad Juárez (2010). In 2011 the Project also completed a study directed to judges, prosecutors and public defenders in nine different states in Mexico.

The Justice in Mexico Project’s “Justiciabarómetro” research initiative is a systematic attempt to gauge the current levels of professional development and attitudes among actors currently operating throughout the Mexican justice system, including police, prosecutors, public defenders, and judges. Working with U.S. and Mexican academics and experts, this initiative seeks to help evaluate the professional development of actors operating within the justice sector, the functioning of the judicial system, and their general perceptions and opinions on related topics. The intention of this effort is to help provide useful baseline measures for the purpose of future benchmarking and evaluation of the Mexican judicial system.

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