Justice in Mexico presents book in Aguascalientes

upOn November 4, Justice in Mexico’s Coordinator presented the book “La reforma al sistema de justicia penal en México” in the campus of the Panamerican University (Universidad Panamericana, UP) in Aguascalientes. The presentation included one of the authors of such monograph Luis Raúl Gutiérrez Calderón, the Federal Collegiate Judge from Aguascalientes Dr. Silverio Rodríguez, Under Secretary of Government of the State of Aguascalientes Alejandro Bernal, and the Coordinator of Legislative Analysis of the State José Manuel Sánchez Testa.

The discussants shared with students and other attendees the relevance of the book as an effort to provide deeper analysis to some of the most important issues of the reform, but also as an opportunity for other law professionals to expand on such an other topics to foster further analysis.

This monograph contributes to the study of recent changes to the justice system in Mexico through an analysis of relevant constitutional provisions in the reform process, the state implementation processes, and its evaluation. It also provides examples of specific processes in some states as well as analysis of specific figures included in the Mexican legal framework. This volume is the third and last of the series of monographs on security and rule of law by the Justice in Mexico Project.

The book is available on Justice in Mexico’s website for free download.

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