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Juarez shooting leaves 16 dead

Following an attack on a group of students at a party in Ciudad Juarez this past Sunday, the Mayor José Reyes Ferriz, reported Monday morning that the number of those who died rose to 16. He also mentioned that one of the eight critically injured victims died Sunday night, while another died that Monday morning.

Most of those attending the party were university students that were celebrating a sports victory and one of the victims’  birthday.

According to an article by Milenio, the Attorney General of the Republic informed that following two lines of investigation carried out by the State Attorney General’s Office, the gang “Los Aztecas,” known to work with the drug cartel of Juarez, could be behind the massacre.

Another line of investigation is based on testimonies that place a “cholo” looking individual at the site where the university students were celebrating, before the party.

Likewise, Milenio reported that the State Attorney General’s Office informed them, according to the principal line of investigation, that a command arrived at the party looking for three drug distributors that were there, two of which were killed, while the third managed to escape. The rest of the victims, according to this version, were circumstantial.

In a press conference, Mayor José Reyes Ferriz announced that as of Tuesday the state government is offering a reward of 1 million pesos for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for the attack, adding that they have received several phone calls providing important information regarding the multiple homicides. The information is currently being processed by the State Attorney General’s Office for further follow up.


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