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Journalist and Family are Shot to Death in Veracruz

06/20/11 – Journalist Miguel Ángel López Velasco was found shot to death today in his Veracruz home located along the Gulf coast of Mexico.  A 9mm gun was used to kill López, his wife Agustina Solana, and his 21-year old son Misael López Solana.  The attack occurred early this morning while the family was still asleep.  López and his son, who was a photographer, both worked for the Mexican newspaper Notiver, which is considered to be one of the most influential newspapers in Veracruz. López was known for writing articles focusing on organized crime related activities, especially violence.  Earlier this month, another Veracruz-based reporter named Noel López Olguín, was also found murdered.

Although no arrests have been made yet, Veracruz governor Javier Duarte has instructed the state attorney general to investigate the crime. The motive for the murder still remains unclear although some suspect that organized crime members are responsible.  In a speech given earlier this morning, Duarte reminded the people that in Veracruz, “there is no room for impunity or delinquency.”


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