Justice in Mexico

JMP director comments on criminal organizations

German newscast Deutsche Welle Online for Latin America recently featured Justice in Mexico Director David Shirk in its online article, “Peña Nieto minimiza problema de la seguridad.” The article looks at the allegations of illegal trafficking of human organs in Mexico, particularly through the hands of the Mexican drug cartel Knights Templar (Caballeros Templarios).

Shirk provided expert commentary on the matter, emphasizing that the allegations of human trafficking and organ harvesting have little evidence proving the claims’ validity. “There has been a great deal of concern about human trafficking for the our purposes of trafficking, but such reports are often based on speculation that takes on a life of its own and creates a ‘moral panic,'” said Shirk. He also questioned the Knights Templar’s ability to be successful in that type of illicit activity, acknowledging the “high degree of sophistication and coordination” that it requires. Nevertheless, Shirk did recognize the criminal organization’s proven involvement in other lucrative criminal activities, notably extortion and kidnapping for ransom.

To read the full article in Spanish, click here.

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