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Jalisco: Commander for State Attorney General’s Office shot to death

09/22/10 – Yesterday morning a commander for the State Attorney General’s Office (Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado) was shot to death on the streets of the Pacífico neighborhood in the municipality of El Salto in Jalisco. Minutes before 08:00 hours investigating officer Jesús González González was intercepted at the cross section of Emiliano Zapata Street and 6 de Enero Street by a white Ford Lobo and a Cadillac Escalade. The aggressors then shot at González González with a .38 Super caliber pistol from the Ford vehicle at a short distance.

At around 17:00 hours, El Salto police officers located the Ford Lobo vehicle used in the attack at the cross section of Francisco I. Madero Street and Aquiles Serdán Street. Inside the vehicle authorities found nine .38 Super caliber bullet shell casings. According to the online news source Informador, in the past couple of weeks González was mentioned in various “narcovideos” in which he is said to have ties to organized crime groups.

This is the second killing of a commander in Jalisco within the last two weeks. On September 13th an armed commando killed Felipe Saavedra de la Cruz, a Public Security commander (Seguridad Pública) for the municipal of Ocotlán, Jalisco. He was walking along the intersection of Gardenia and Magnolia Street at around 07:00 hours when he was shot to death.

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