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Investigators in the case of the 72 massacred immigrants are killed; a third survivor from El Salvador is made known

09/08/10 – The bodies of an agent for the state prosecutor’s office, Roberto Jaime Suárez Vázquez, and the head of police in San Fernando, Juan Carlos Suárez Sánchez, were found on Tuesday in the municipality of Méndez. Both men went missing on August 24th and were a part of the investigation regarding the massacre of 72 immigrants in the state of Tamaulipas.

This past weekend it was made known by the president of El Salvador, Mauricio Fuenes, that there was a third survivor from the massacre. The third immigrant originated from El Salvador and is currently in the United States. Fuenes stated that the survivor is providing assistance in the ongoing investigation.

Seven members of the criminal organization Los Zetas have been arrested and are suspected to have participated in the killings of the 72 immigrants. There have been a total of eight people detained since the massacre first took place.


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