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About our interns

Justice in Mexico interns make an important contribution to our work by helping to gather data, writing briefings and fact sheets, organizing trips and events, and providing direct assistance to the staff on a wide range of project. In the process, our interns typically develop a strong working knowledge of rule of law promotion efforts in Mexico, and gain valuable skills in research, writing, teamwork, and project management.

Internships in Justice of Mexico


Justice in Mexico accepts applications from currently enrolled college students to receive training and mentoring as interns. University of San Diego (USD) students are eligible for up to 3.0 units of upper division credit per semester (for a maximum of 6.0 units total). Three academic credits correspond to approximately fifteen (15) hours of service per week, some of which can be performed offsite. Internship applications from non-USD students are generally only considered when they are eligible to receive course credit from their home institution.
All interns must be currently enrolled students that have committed to receive academic credit for their internship for a full semester. Volunteers need not be a student and are not required to receive academic credit to lend their support to Justice in Mexico. Volunteers have greater flexibility in the frequency and amount of time that they commit; some volunteers to make only a short-term commitment, while others have collaborated with Justice in Mexico over several years.
Each year, we accept applications for a limited number of internships in the Fall and Spring semesters. Justice in Mexico also works with a select group of interns during the summer, though these are not typically eligible for USD course credit. Strong Spanish language ability is not required, but is typically preferred. Generally, we request that students submit a resumé or curriculum vita at least three months prior to the desired start date of their internship, along with a cover letter or statement of purpose. Please submit your application on our website (, and to direct any inquiries to
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