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Info DF and Seduvi Receive Top Transparency Scores

03/03/11 – The Institute for the Access to Public Information of the Federal District (Instituto de Acceso a la Información Pública del Distrito Federal), better known as InfoDF, has received the top score for Best Transparency Practices of 2010.  The institute scored a total of 99.8 points out of 100 on its evaluation.  The Secretariat of Urban Development and Renewal (Seduvi) also tied for first place.  This was the second year in a row this agency received the highest score.  This evaluation was given to the 110 public agencies that are required by the Law of Transparency (Ley de Transparencia) to provide records of accounts and expenses to the public, including to the seven political parties that represent the city.

There were 4 different criteria against which agencies in Mexico City were evaluated.  These criteria included access to fulfillment of transparency obligations on web pages, access to informational indexes, fulfillment of InfoDF requirements, and the providing of training regarding related material. The first two criteria were worth 30 points while the last two were 20 points, adding up to a total of 100 points possible. InfoDF has stated that it hopes to set an example for other agencies when it comes to transparency related matters.

In second place was the Human Rights Commission and tied for third were the Council of the Federal Judiciary and the Secretary of Finances.  In fourth place was the Electoral Tribunal of Mexico City, and tied for fifth were the Provident Fund for Workers Raya List and the Treasurer’s Office of the Legislative Assembly.  The agencies with the lowest scores included the Economic and Social Council of Mexico City and the “Fideicomiso Central de Abasto de la Ciudad de Mexico” (main wholesale and retail market of consumer products in Mexico City) with scores of 13.5 y 45.6 points, respectively.


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