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In Veracruz an entrepreneur is kidnapped meanwhile his wife is shot and killed

Tuesday night, entrepreneur Fouad Hakin Santiesteban was kidnapped; his wife, Irene Méndez Hernández Palacios, was shot in the process. Soon after leaving a football practice, the car in which they both traveled was intercepted by an unidentified vehicle. While the couple resisted the attack, Irene Méndez was shot and Fouad Hakin was taken. Irene was transported to a local hospital where she died later that evening.

The Secretary of Public Safety of Veracruz (secretario de Seguridad Pública de Veracruz), Sergio López Esquer, announced earlier this morning that a body, believed to be that of Fouad Hakin, was found within the riverbanks of the Sedeño River. Despite reports that the body had been severed, the body found shares similar physical characteristics to that of Fouad Hakin as well as clothing he was last seen wearing. No official identification has been made.

Sergio Esquer expressed his concern over the situation and apologized to the public for allowing this incident to occur. There will be a small investigation addressing the concern as to why no local authorities were near the site that evening. He further emphasized that they will be more cautious and aware of where the local police patrols so that this type of violence is avoided in the future.


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