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In-Law of “El Chapo” Captured

Victor Manuel Felix Felix. Photo Credit: El Universal

03/23/11— Víctor Manuel Félix Félix, also known as “El Señor” and an in-law and friend of drug trafficker Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, was captured on March 18 along with eight others by the Federal Police. The others captured have been identified as Luis Roberto García Fierro, Jorge Guillermo González Cárdenas, Rodrigo Colmenares y Sánchez Soto, Eli Romano Darwish, Francisco Xavier Colmenares y Sánchez Soto, Jorge Guillermo González Guerra, Armando Medina Quintero, and José Daniel Espinoza Caballero. Their arrests were part of the Federal Police’s “Operation Beehive,” which took place in Jalisco, Quintano Roo, and Mexico City.

Félix Félix is accused of not only having ties with the Pacific Cartel, but also of allegedly being the leader of its financial network.

Federal Police have been closely watching Félix Félix and initiated the investigation in 2009 when Police noticed that he had large amounts of money in his bank account, which today have been discovered as funds of illicit origin and currency counterfeiting. The investigation was a joint cooperation between the Office of Special Investigations on Organized Crime and the National Police of Ecuador. Ecuador was involved in this process because the cartel operated within its boundaries to store drugs. Ecuador also served as a meeting place for members from Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador to transfer the drugs to Mexico and eventually into the United States. Ecuador was able to arrest 9 people accused of being involved with the Pacific Cartel as well as seize four tons of cocaine.

Félix Félix, along with the eight others arrested, will be investigated for crimes against health and money laundering from drug trafficking operations. They will be moved to the Federal Research Center of Mexico City to continue with investigations.


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