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IFAI Calls on PGR for Information

The Federal Institute of Access to Information (IFAI) has determined that the PGR should make public the figures of the Federal Public Ministry agents who failed “trust examinations”, because their disclosure does not breach institutional standards.

In a unanimous ruling, the IFAI commissioners reversed  a 12 year hold by the attorney on this information. A hold made under the argument that it may spread to damage the unit and endanger the integrity of federal prosecutors.

IFAI instructed the PGR to conduct an extensive search to locate and publicize these numbers, including the number of officers sanctioned by the Public Ministry  and removed from office for acts of corruption and bribery.

The project also called for the publication of the identity of professionals who applied the tests of control, from May to December 2008,  since the PGR has not established that such information would put the lives of staff at risk .

IFAI also required the PGR to disclose the methods of the Human Development and Assessment Center to determine what items it determines as  “fit” or “unsafe” during the evaluation process of control of trust.

Federal agencies engaged in security and administration of justice will never reveal information relating to the qualification of its staff in examinations of confidence.

In March, Reforma reported that 50 percent of public servants of the state attorneys who have been evaluated by the PGR to join the Anti units failed the aforementioned examinations.

Barajas, Abel. “Abre IFAI exámenes de control de PGRReforma June 11, 2009.

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