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Human Rights Commission in Durango concludes investigations into the 2009 deaths of 24 inmates

As part of his report for the year 2009, José Luis Armendáriz González, president of the Human Rights Commission for the state of Durango (Comisión Estatal de Derechos Humanos—CEDH), said investigations have been concluded and recommendations issued to the Secretariat of Public Security of the State (Secretario de Seguridad Pública en el Estado) in accordance with concerns by the public and other sectors regarding results the commission has obtained in relationship to the 24 inmates that lost their lives in the Center of Social Rehabilitation One (Centro de Readaptación Social Numero 1—CERESO) of Durango last year.

He said that the resolution counts on ten points of recommendation. Amongst the recommendations is  to promote and establish public policies that safeguard the physical and psychological integrity of the inmates that include continuing operations for the detection of weapons; providing the necessary equipment to ensure compliance with the function of the center, thus guarantying the integrity and security of the inmates; increasing security staffing and monitoring; verifying and speeding up the process of obtaining pre-releases of inmates with authorities respectively in charge with the formalities, in addition to transferring the inmates from the federal court to centers of this nature; strict control of working and kitchen tools; security camera monitoring twenty-four hours a day in strategic spots; and the easy access of necessary equipment.

He noted that such recommendations have been received and observed through media communications in which the Secretariat of Public Security has mentioned complying with the above points motivated by recommendations given last year.

Other topics in the report include the consolidation of “Dhnet,” the first Latin American television channel specializing in human rights, the 14,309 consultancies and orientations given. Also noted are the 821 cases they have resolved, of which 36 percent ended in a settlement; the 349 talks, workshops and conferences on human rights given, reaching an estimated 15,247 students; the training of public servants which has managed to emit the same message of human rights to 4,791 officials.  They also continue to  provide support and advice to the families of femicide victims while following up on cases.


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