Crime and Violence

Hospital attacked in Neza

Municipal police forces, in coordination with the Secretary of Public Security of the Federal District, detained five alleged criminals, including one woman. Minutes before, the criminals had threatened staff and patients at a clinic in order to steal their belongings. A distress call indicated that the clinic, CEMDA, in the colony, Evolución, was attacked by a band of thieves. Local authorities of units 061 and 067 came to the scene to control the emergency. Upon arrival at the hospital, the medical staff informed the police that 4 men and 1 woman has assaulted them and then fled in Ford Explorer.

The council announced that an operation had been put in place in the surrounding area and that they had located the truck. After chasing down the truck, the criminals were arrested in Agricola Oriental in the Federal District with the aid of several units of Mexico City forces. Those arrested include Jose de Jesus, 31, Orlando Castillo, 33, Brenda Patricia Juarez Ortiz, 30, Juan Jose Blancos Rios, 37, and Sabastian Vazquez, 29. At the time of arrest two firearms and 13 cartridges of ammunition were seized. Among their belongings they had six watches, a briefcase, wallet, cell phone, gold chain, and $4,500 pesos.

Prisoners that carry arms are placed at the disposition of Agency 4 of the Public Ministry in the delegation of Iztapalapa, where David Morelos Ramírez is responsible for initiating the previous inquiry relating to violent offenses of robbery at businesses.


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