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Hacker group ‘Anonymous’ threatens to expose Zeta Cartel

The 'hacker' group Anonymous (member pictured above) has threatened to expose the Zeta Cartel on November 5. Source: Especial.

11/1/11 – Since October 6, an interesting event has been unfolding in Mexico with a new group arising and threatening to expose the Zeta Cartel’s inter-workings at the beginning of November. It began on October 6, when a group of hackers by the name of “Anonymous” released a video stating that one of their members had been kidnapped by the Zeta Cartel in Veracruz. Anonymous– a group of “hacktivists” that advocates for freedom of speech in all aspects, the independence of the internet, and against certain global organizations and companies– demanded that their member be released. If the Zetas did not comply with this request, Anonymous threatened that, on November 5, they would ­­­“disseminate all information in the databases that the Zetas use to conduct their business, and they would additionally release names of people who are contributing to the Zeta Cartel such as government officials, taxi drivers, police, and journalists,” as quoted by Noticiero Televisa. The Anonymous video also stated that they were tired of this impunity and that the Zetas “made a big mistake by kidnapping one of their members, which is why they demand that their member is released because they are a group that does not forgive or forget,” quoted W.Radio.

As of October 28, however, Anonymous retracted from their so-called Operation Cartel (OpCártel), stating that they understood that by releasing this information, there was going to be an increased amount of violence against the people named by the leaked documents. This violence, they said, could potentially come from rival cartels seeking to overthrow the Zeta Cartel. According to El Universal, members of Anonymous were perhaps also uneasy about the fact that the Zetas were working on hiring experienced hackers to investigate who the members of Anonymous are and how to locate them.

After retracting their original threat to expose the Zeta Cartel at the beginning of November if the kidnapped victim was not released, members of Anonymous then stated on October 31 that Operation Cartel would indeed continue, however cautiously. According to El Universal’s updated article on this unfolding situation, the message was transmitted through various social networks, which stated that “this issue is now international and even if the Zetas try to stop Anonymous in Mexico and in the United States, they cannot stop Anonymous worldwide. This idea is not something or rather someone who can be shot or burned with acid. Anonymous knows that they are in danger but they would rather ‘die on their feet than live on their knees.’” In addition, Anonymous recommends that this is a great time for government officials to speak the truth, rather than wait for an embarrassing accusation through the information Anonymous will release. They also advised President Calderón to fight the cause, not the symptoms, in reference to his administration’s militarized campaign against drug trafficking and drug-related violence.

The release of information is set to happen on November 5 and, according to Anonymous, it will be “a day to remember.”


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