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Gulf Cartel Chief is Arrested


Yahir Perez Lopez

02/10/11 – Yahin Perez Lopez, one of the primary chiefs of the Gulf Cartel, was apprehended last Saturday February 5, 2011 in the state of Nuevo Leon by federal police officers.  He confessed to his involvement in at least 21 homicides as well as 7 bombings that have occurred over the past few months.  Police were led to Perez Lopez’s whereabouts after detaining another Gulf Cartel member, Roberto Perez Mallorga, just one day before.  Perez Mallorga was arrested when authorities caught him trying to transport a variety of illegal guns and ammunition.

According to Nuevo Leon’s Security Council spokesman, Jorge Domene, Perez Mallorga revealed to authorities where the residence of Perez Lopez was located after he was taken into custody.  In addition to Perez Lopez’s arrest, 14 people who were at the residence, including a minor, were arrested after being identified as fellow Gulf Cartel members.  11 rifles that were found inside the home were also confiscated.  Perez Lopez and the 14 others were taken to the Federal Attorney’s Office (Fiscalía Federal) immediately after.  Perez Lopez also admitted to ordering grenade attacks on municipal police stations, state police headquarters and a prison.  Of the 21 murders that Perez Lopez confessed to, 10 of those people included the slaying of Nuevo Leon law enforcement personnel.  He is also responsible for the murder of Julio César Guzmán Valdez, a trainer for the Children’s Football Association of Monterrey (Asociación de Futbol Americano Infantil de Monterrey).

Since March 2010, the Gulf Cartel has started a war over control for illegal drug trafficking routes in north-east Mexico against their infamous rival, Los Zetas.  Los Zetas began as an armed wing for the Gulf Cartel but later went into business for themselves.  Both of these drug cartels are responsible for the murders of thousands of people along with the violence than runs rampant in some of the border cities in Mexico.


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