Justice in Mexico

Guerrero Slayings Update

Zeferino Torreblanca Galindo, governor of Guerrero,  confirmed the death of 11 and not 12 people, five of whom had their throats cut, and ruled out any electoral involvement.

At a press conference, the state announced that the assassins came  from Michoacan and regarded the incident as a brutal murder committed by organized criminals (per information from the Army, the Public Ministry).

Torreblanca Galindo noted that the mode of operation and type of weapons used indicate that the victimes , “were clearly targeted.”

He explained that according to information he has been given- a group came through the dam from Michoacan, on board several of the boats, who wore uniforms, which actually had some acronyms of the Federal Forces of the police, to kill 11 people.

Olea, Minio and Rolando Aguilar. “Gobernador culpa al narco del crimenExcelsior July 7, 2009.

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