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Grenades are a common form of weapon in attacks throughout Mexico in the past day

In the last day, at least three, news reported events involved grenades being used during the attacks. The series of crimes have left at least three policemen injured, homes destroyed, and a city with roadblocks put up by the criminals.

In Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon, unknown individuals driving in two trucks threw grenades against the building of the Secretary of Public Security (la Secretaría de Seguridad Pública – SSP). Three agents standing in front of the building this past Sunday night were injured by the grenades. Juan Artemio Martínez Hernández, Martel Martínez Márquez, and Jorge Alejandro Rodríguez were all transported to local hospitals and treated for their injuries. Jorge Rodríguez is reported to be in critical condition. At least five SSP vehicles were damaged in the attack.

Around 3:00am local time, a group of criminals, believed to be a part of the Pacific Sur Cartel (Cártel del Pacífico Sur – CPS), attacked three homes in Cuernavaca, Morelos with grenades as well. One home was destroyed by a fire while others in different parts of the city were heavily damaged. Shots were also fired into some of the buildings attacked; fortunately, there were no reported deaths or injuries.

In Monterrey, roadblocks set up by gunmen delayed the arrival of police forces during a confrontation between two crime groups. At least three grenades were used in the shootout that occurred around 5:00am. One unidentified man was killed during the event. The scene has since then been secured.


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