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Grenade attack on two police officers in Monterrey

09/07/2010 – Early this morning unidentified personnel attacked two unsuspecting police officers at a local store on Bernardo Reyes Avenue in Monterrey. A grenade was aimed at the two members of the city’s Public Safety officials (Seguridad Pública de Monterrey) who returned from purchasing something to eat. The incident left the two officers injured and were immediately attended to by emergency services.

The sequence of events proceeded as following: the two officers entered the store to buy cookies when a vehicle with unidentified subjects stopped the car and released the explosions at the officers upon exiting the store. As a byproduct of the unexpected attack, confusion, and injuries dealt by the explosion of the grenade, the two officers attacked were unable to see their assailants.

In the pursuit of justice and restoration, investigations involving the Ministerial Police (la Policía Ministerial), Public Security (Seguridad Pública), and the Expect Services of the Prosecutor’s Office of Nuevo León ( Servicios Periciales de la Procuraduría de Justicia de Nuevo León) have commenced.


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