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Governors meet to discuss judicial reforms

Budgetary issues were at the heart of discussions between governors who met at the June 25 Security with Justice conference to share their perspectives on state-level justice reforms. Marcelo Ebrard of the Federal District and Gov. Enrique Peña Nieto of the State of Mexico led the charge in criticizing the federal congress for not sufficiently funding the reforms that they themselves approved last year. Nuevo León governor Natividad González Parás and Chihuahua governor José Reyes Baeza echoed this view. Implementation is currently under way in these two states. Reyes Baeza said that his state has spent 1.6 billion pesos thus far on the reforms.

Politics were not absent from the pre-midterm election conference, where Morelos’ PAN governor Marco Antonio Adame countered opposition governors’ claims that the reforms are too costly. Ebrard quickly clarified his objections – not that the reforms are expensive, but that the federal budget is not meeting their needs. The Nuevo León and Chihuahua governors reflected on their states’ experiences with implementation. González Parás predicted that reforms would be complete within two years, and emphasized the importance of prevention amidst the current economic crisis. Reyes Baeza expressed concern that public security has become politicized at the federal level. Budget concerns aside, the governors renewed their commitment to meet the 8-year deadline for implementation set forth by Mexico’s congress.

From the July Justice in Mexico Project’s Monthly News Report:



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