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Authorities Praise Slain U.S. Agent And Call for Unity Between the United States and Mexico

02/23/11— Jaime Zapata, an agent of Immigration and Customs Enforcement,  was killed last week by unidentified men who opened fire on both him and his partner.

At his funeral in Brownsville, TX, speakers addressed the importance of continuing the work in Mexico to combat organized crime with their counterparts in the Mexican government. Speakers also stressed that Zapata died not only for his own country, the United States, but also for the rights of the people in Mexico. Bishop Flores said, “the gift he (Zapata) gave us was to give to others.”

Authorities at the funeral ceremony spoke very highly of current relations between Mexico and the United States and highlighted the unity that exists between the two countries, especially with regard to recent efforts to combat violence and organized crime. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano asserted, “we will not rest or give up in our determination to see that those responsible are apprehended and pay for their crimes.”

If you’d like to read more on what happened to ICE agent, Jaime Zapata, be sure to check out a previous blog post:


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