Justice in Mexico

Fourteen people were executed in the city of Acapulco

08/27/10 – Fourteen men were found executed in different areas of Acapulco, Guerrero. The victims appeared to have been executed by gunfire. All fourteen bodies were found blindfolded and with their hands and feet tied.

The first four were found just after midnight on Thursday night; they seemed to have been tortured before being executed. Elsewhere in the city, two bodies were found inside a Jeep Patriot that had been left abandoned in the parking lot of a Bodega Aurrera store.

Six more were found along the federal highway known as Autopista del Sol; AK-47 and R-17 bullet casings were left scattered throughout the area near the bodies, indicating that the six individuals had been executed at the spot they were found. Written messages left by their killers were found at the scene. The last two of the fourteen bodies were located in another area of Acapulco known as Ejido Nuevo.


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