Crime and Violence

Four inmates are killed in Gómez Palacio

08/02/2010 – Four inmates inside a prison in Gómez Palacio were killed after fellow prisoners overthrew two guards and entered the cells to murder them. The attack occurred on Sunday morning when the guards were delivering breakfast to the inmates. The attacking prisoners used sharp objects to threaten the guards and kill the four victims.

The names of the victims are Erasmo Castaños, 40; José Ángel Vázquez Jáquez, 45; Francisco Javier Villareal, 48; and Rodolfo López, 47. Three were imprisoned for having committed federal crimes whilst the fourth victim had broken a local law. The murders come almost a week after the warden of the prison, Margarita Rojas Rodríguez, was detained and accused of allowing inmates out of the prison at nights to commit crimes. A guard was killed during a protest carried out by inmates days after the arrest. That same day, four journalists covering the protest were kidnapped but were either released or rescued soon after.


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