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Following the recent car bombing, governor of Chihuahua asks his citizens to be cautious

The governor of Chihuahua, Reyes Baeza Terrazas, addressed his state during a press conference in regards to the car bombing that occurred in Ciudad Juarez two weeks ago. The governor asked the people of the state to act vigilant and to be careful when going about their daily lives. He said that it is wrong to underestimate the threats that crime organizations present.

He recommended to his citizens to do their part and suggested to them to take safe routes when driving to or back from work, as well as to walk through the streets as little as possible. Reyes Terrazas claimed that the Federal Police will someday move out of the state; but, in the meantime, they will continue to provide as much protection as they can. He also stated that help comes from organizations outside of the country, such as the United States.

The car bomb that exploded in Ciudad Juarez on July 15 killed four individuals including a Federal Police agent and a medic. At least six others were injured. Investigations have led Mexican authorities to believe that the explosives used in this attack likely came from the United States.


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