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Following the massacre in Torréon, the federal government will send reinforcements as requested by the governor

Following the massacre in Torréon early Sunday morning, the federal government has agreed to provide the state of Coahuila with more policemen as well as military soldiers. The governor of Coahuila, Humberto Moreira, asked for the increase in forces in an effort to combat organized crime and secure the city. Holder of the Interior Ministry (la Secretaría de Gobernación – Segob), Francisco Blake, channeled the request made by Moreira.

Although the exact number of how many troops will be made available via the governor’s request is not yet known, estimates are around 450 preventive police, 200 state police, and between 150-200 military soldiers. Currently, the federal police has five policemen stationed per shift on the roads of Torréon. There are no details on exactly how the reinforcements will be distributed throughout the state.

The number of those killed increased to 18 after one of the injured passed away Sunday evening. The ages of those dead range from 17-38. The names of all the victims have been officially released and are listed below:

∗ Ricardo Reyes Encinas, 38 años.

∗ Enrique González Hernández, 30.

∗ Juan Jesús García González, 35.

∗ Alejandro Rivas Ríos, 33.

∗ Héctor Rivas Ríos, 23.

∗ Sandra Liliana Mejía Sarmiento, 20.

∗ Jesús Silva Muñoz, 27.

∗ María Fernanda Maynez San Juan, 25.

∗ Diego Aguilar García, 22.

∗ Emmanuel Alejandro Ruiz Orona, 25.

∗ Diana Isabel del Castillo Maciel, 22.

∗ Carlos Antonio Mota Méndez, 31.

∗ Héctor Jesús Mota Méndez, 35.

∗ Ricardo Esteban, 17.

∗ Ana Karen Ornelas Vera, 20.

∗ Amayka Leonicia Baeza Villa Gómez, 24.

∗ Andrés Isaías Robles Arredondo, 24.

∗ Estefanía Jaques Álvarez, 19.


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