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Felipe Calderón is willing to hear debates regarding the legalization and regulation of illicit drugs

08/04/10 – Méxican president Felipe Calderón announced that he is open to the debate of legalizing and regulating drugs in México; however, he warned that doing so may bring more negative than positive outcomes. The statement was made during the second day of the Dialogue for Security conference in which journalists, business and social leaders are invited for presentations and discussions regarding security issues in México.

Despite his willingness to have open conversations take place, Calderón expressed his concern on how the legalization and regulation of drugs may affect society. He believes that the rate of consumption among young adults will increase and that consuming drugs may become socially acceptable. Nevertheless, he believes that the issue should come down to a “plurality of democracy” in México.

The president of México United Against Delinquency (México Unid0 Contra la Delincuencia), Eduardo Gallo, referred to the legalization of drugs as “plan B” in case the current war against illicit drugs fails. Various experts and journalists in attendance also gave their opinions before moving along with the conference.


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