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Federal Police Wounded in Morelos

02/17/11 – A confrontation between armed men and federal police in Cuautla, Morelos left three men severely wounded.  Two of the men are federal police while the other belonged to the group of aggressors.  This man was transported to a nearby hospital and will be taken into custody.  The shooting, which began today at about 4:20 AM, lasted for 40 minutes and occurred in the district of Niño Artillero.  Residents report having heard at least four different explosions that could have very well been caused by grenades.

It was later reported that the other shooters fled and took safe keeping into a house with a large black door in the neighborhood of Otilio Montaño, or how locals call it, “Amilcingo.”  Federal authorities have surrounded the residence with the help of military officials.  Although there have been rumors that more aggressors have been caught, this has not been confirmed by authorities.


Leticia Isidro. “Enfrenamiento en Morelos déjà dos policies federales heridos.” El Milenio.  17 February, 2011.

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