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Eznel Cortés Jiménez captured by Federal Police

The Federal Secretariat of Public Security (Secretaria de Seguridad Pública – SSP) announced the capture Eznel Cortés Jiménez, a major drug operator for Edgar Valdez Villareal, along with six other individuals. They were detained in several operations carried out by the Federal Police.  Eznel Cortés Jiménez (alias “El Teniente”), is said to be responsible for drug operations in the southern zone of Mexico City, servicing the criminal organization led by Edgar Valdés Villarreal, alias “La Barbie.”  Jiménez was detained last Monday in the port of Acapulco with three individuals identified as his bodyguards. This morning another three individuals accused of distributing drugs in Mexico City, also believed to be members of the group headed by “La Barbie,” were detained.

According to the SSP, “El Teniente,” a former member of the Federal Police force, was responsible for co-opting various authorities in the port of Acapulco, with the ends of providing him with inside information relating to operations against members of the organization.  He also maintained small-scale drug trafficking (narcomenudeo) in Torres de Padierna of the delegation of Tlalpan, south of the Federal District, where he distributed an average of five kilograms of cocaine a month through small shops (“tienditas”).

Those detained with Jiménez were César Ramírez Reyes, Eduardo Cerón Perfecto, César Leonardo Amezcua Ortega, and later Gustavo Landa de Márquez, Carlos Daniel Ruiz López, and Eduardo Medina Ruiz.

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