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Ex-president of the National Action Party will defend himself against possible expulsion from the political party

8/19/10 – The ex-president of the National Action Party (Partido Acción Nacional – PAN), Manuel Espino, came out in his defense after the PAN’s National Executive Committee (Comité Ejecutivo Nacional – CEN) – the maximum authority within a Mexican political party –  decided to begin the process of expulsion and turn him over to the state committee of Sonora. According to Informador, Espino has had several conflicts with his political party recently, including the publication of a book titled, Warning sign: warning of a political regression (Señal de alerta: Advertencia de una regresión política), that addressed the issue of potential presidential candidates in 2012 and his life in politics. The book was widely criticized by several of his fellow party members, including Manlio Fabio Beltrones.

According to La Jornada, in a card sent out to various media sources, Espino announced that he will defend his probable expulsion from the PAN, stating that freedom of expression is being threatened in his political party. He also let it be known that he would assert his rights within the PAN, in addition to defending himself based on National Action Statues (Estatutos de Acción Nacional) and on the laws. In light of this, he said that he hopes to come out of the battle successful, in order to leave established that the PAN is still a space of dialogue and freedoms.

“I will defend my status as a panista. I can not allow the expulsion of a PAN [member] just for espressing opinions, calling the debate, and making critics.” – Manuel Espino


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