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Ex-Police Chief Finds Benefits in Collusion with Organized Crime

Édgar Enrique Bayardo del Villar is currently the only former police chief at the federal level who was accused of corruption and connections with organized crime, fought the charges against him and to this day, continues to charge the treasury for their “services.” Despite his history, the journey of Bayardo del Villar through instances of the attainment of justice has always been on the rise. In eleven years he rose from his position as an agent of the Federal Judicial Police, in 1997, until he arrived as the commissioner of the Federal Police last year.

In October 2008 he was arrested for his links with the cartel of Ismael El Mayo Zambada, to whom he gave information about anti-drug operations of the PGR, SSP and DEA, in exchange for twenty-five thousand dollars per month.

One year after, his situation seems to be improving. He is now a protected witness which stopped the possible accusations that could exist against the now identified collaborator known as  “Tigre.” By taking refuge through the program, he receives a monthly compensation estimated at fifty thousand pesos. He also sought and obtained the refund of his properties in Nayarit in accordance with the file 403/2009.


Gómez, Francisco. “Ex jefe policiaco ligado al narco vive del erario.” El Universal. October 28, 2009.

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