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Escalating conflict between two rival Oaxaca teachers’ unions leaves two dead

Protests erupted in southern Oaxaca as members of the Section 22 teachers’ union demanded justice for the shooting death of one of its members during a clash August 27 with the pro-government Section 59teachers’ union in San Pedro Jicayan, Oaxaca. Section 22 leaderAzael Santiago Chepi said that his group was attempting to retake a school in San Pedro Jicayan – and thus its jobs – when supporters of Section 59 opened fire and killed two Section 22 teachers.

Oaxaca teacher unions have in the past shown their capacity to trigger large-scale public unrest and instability. Four years ago, a teacher strike led by Section 22 sparked weeks of rioting and a heavy-handed response from state and local law enforcement which led to several deaths including the still-controversial shooting death of freelance U.S. journalist Bradley Will. Section 59 was created amidst the unrest of 2006, and the two unions have competed for coveted teaching positions, sometimes among the few decently paid positions in rural areas.


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